Bound for Glory, Tyndale House, October 2011

Celebrating the gift of African American spirituals through expressive calligraphy
with reflections by Patricia Raybon

Portraits of the Word, Tyndale House, February 2002

75 of the artist's favorite illustrations from the illustrated Bible
with his notes and preliminary sketches added

The Holy Bible, with 360 full-color calligraphic illustrations, Tyndale House, 2000

For the last couple of decades, Timothy Botts has been illuminating Scripture,
in such best-selling books as Doorposts, Messiah, Proverbs, Psalms,
and Windsongs. Now, for the first time, Tim Botts' expressive word pictures
can be your window to the entire Bible. Tim has chosen 360 of the greatest
Bible passages and rendered them in his unique style of making words look like
what they mean. A great gift Bible for your family or church.

The Book of Psalms, Tyndale House, 1997

The Psalms are a treasure chest of metaphors that artists love to work with.
Included is visual imagery from ancient Hebrew culture as well as from more
contemporary visual associations. You will find the flourishing tree of character,
sheltering feathers, the pomegranate of fruitfulness, the harmonious flight
of birds, tree rings of the generations, and crashing cymbals. In Hebrew, worship
means to bow down, reminding us that we should praise God with our whole being,
not just with our mind. I hope your eyes and heart will be ignited in worship
through this offering. Let the song begin!
- Tim Botts from the foreword to The Book of Psalms

Joy in the Journey, with lyrics by Michael Card, Thomas Nelson, 1996

Any word from Michael's pen is a welcome event. A new song from his heart
is reason to pause. Toss in the artistry of Tim Botts and we can celebrate.
This book has all three: Michael's words and songs, Tim's brush and palette.
Shall we celebrate?
- Max Lucado author of A Gentle Thunder

Proverbs, Tyndale House, 1994

Calligrapher Timothy Botts has once again dipped his pen to depict the beauty
and truth of biblical wisdom. Stirring renderings of 75 proverbs selected
from The Living Bible fill these pages, each accompanied by a prayer composed
by the artist. A collector's item and a spiritually significant gift for any occasion.

Horizons, with poet Luci Shaw, Zondervan, 1992

An explosion of beauty; visual beauty in the calligraphy of Tim Botts,
aural beauty in the poems of Luci Shaw, and a beauty spiritual as color
and sound, design and meaning are arranged to the glory of God.
A page-turning delight to eye, ear, and heart.
- Eugene Peterson Professor of Spiritual Theology, Regent College

Messiah (based on Handel's work), Tyndale House, 1991; ECPA gold medallion

God has blessed his creatures with countless differing gifts, and Timothy Botts'
is one of the most unusual. The grace, vibrancy, freshness, and poignancy
of these word pictures are inspirational and should be meaningful to all those
familiar with the great texts of Handel's Messiah.
- John Nelson music director, Ensemble Orchestral de Paris

Windsongs, Tyndale House, 1989; ECPA gold medallion

An artist has succeeded if the subject of his painting appears to come alive....
Painted fruit should look delicious enough to be eaten. And Tim Botts has succeeded
in painting the lyrics of great hymns - so that you want to burst into song!
- Joni Eareckson Tada

Doorposts, Tyndale House, 1986; 100,000 sold, ECPA gold medallion,
Type Directors annual

Calligraphy is now enjoying something of a renaissance, but until recently
has seldom achieved its potential. Not so with DOORPOSTS. In this book,
Tim Botts has created a fresh, inspiring work combining innovative calligraphy
with the expressive language of The Living Bible. Unlike most art today,
his work reveals more than it conceals. It is a rare glimpse into the spiritual life
of another. Tim Botts' successful integration of form and content has created
a harmonic expression that brings us joy. In short, DOORPOSTS is a visual delight!
- James D. Stambaugh Museum Director, The Billy Graham Center

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